Creative Church is kicking off for a 4 part series.

9am-10am at Fridley Campus
4:30pm-5:30pm at Maple Grove Campus

1 Hour of Bible Class for Adults, PLUS 1 Hour of Bible Class for Kids/Teens


Who is Sunday School for?
We will have Sunday School classes for all ages who will be learning the same themes with an age appropriate lesson.
What is Sunday School?
We know, it sounds a little old school but we hope that this will be what you have been looking for in your next step with your relationship with God. We will focus on specific topics throughout the different sessions where our team will walk you step by step in growing your faith to the next level. This will be a time to hear world class teaching and learn how to apply it practically.
When is Sunday School?
Sunday School will be 4 weeks in a row on Sunday, August 7, August 14, August 21, and August 28 at Maple Grove 4:30-5:30 PM and Fridley 9:00 AM-10:00 AM.
Where is Sunday School?
Sunday School will be at Creative Church- Maple Grove and Creative Church- Fridley.
Is Sunday School available online?
At this time, we only have in-person Sunday School, and it is not broadcast online. Stay tuned, an online version is in the works for our online audience.
Is there a nursery?
Yes, nursery will be available for children 6 weeks - 2 years old
What should I bring?
We encourage everyone to bring a physical Bible, as well as a notebook and pen to take notes.
What if I miss one of the weeks, can I still join in?
We strongly encourage you to commit to coming to the whole 4 week series, as to get the most out of the teachings, but if you happen to miss night, that is okay, you can just jump back in and pick up where the current class is.
Do I have to register every week?
Just register once for your whole family! We will plan that you will be in attendance for all 4 sessions.

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