Passion First. Creative Forever.

What does the new logo represent?

Ever since we were children, when we get ready to be artistic, we usually start drawing a smiley face, or a stick figure, or something that represents us. That proves that we are truly creative. Because when God got ready to be creative, he made something in his likeness and his image (mankind), and since we are like God, we do the same. We are most like our creator when we are creative. So this smiley face logo emphasizes that creative part of every one of us. This abstract version of a smiley face can also be interpreted to mean many different things when you look at it, like an orange slice, or a boat with two people, and that's okay, that's the point, it's creative! It can be whatever you want it to be!

How does this affect my giving?

  • For anyone who normally gives online to Passion Church through pushpay, you will not need to change anything right away. You can give like normal today. Within the next few months, any giving to Passion Church online will be received by Creative Church. Whenever you get a chance over the next few months, you can search for Creative Church in the PushPay app and start giving there instead. If you do not see any changes, or experience any technical difficulties in this transition, please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. immediately and we would love to help you out.
  • Checks can be made out now to "Creative Church"
  • Offering envelopes will slowly change throughout the next month from Passion Church to Creative Church, and either envelope you give with will be okay and received by Creative church from now on.
  • If you have never give online, and would like to get started, simply text Creative to 41411 and follow the prompts to get started.

Do volunteers still receive scheduling and info from the same place?

Our online volunteer database, Church Community Builder (CCB) will be all updated automatically, and you will see the domain change to You should be able to log in with your same email and password. If you experience any technical difficulties with this process, please reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Do small groups still receive information and lists from the same place?

Our small group database will still continue to also be housed at CCB, with the domain change to

Do we need to get a new app on our phones and tablets?

  • You will notice that your Passion Church app will automatically update to become your brand new Creative Church app. You can access all your favorite things there (giving, sermons, small groups, events)
  • If you have never downloaded our app, the new Creative Church App is available for free download for iphones and androids.
  • Any push notifications received from your app will now be from Creative Church (make sure to turn on notifications on your app to always received the latest and most updated info from church)

What is the new website?

  • Our new main website will be www.Creative.Church or simply Creative.Church
  • You may notice our alternate website floating around, which is, but they lead you to the same website
  • will continue to be an active domain leading you to the new Creative.Church website automatically

What should we do with any Passion Church clothing or gear?

  • Your favorite "Passion" branded shirts, hats, bracelets, etc are now considered Vintage. Keep them if you'd like, as keepsakes, but the promotional aspect will be obsolete.
  • We do ask you to please no longer wear "Passion" branded gear as a volunteer at Creative Church. Volunteers will all start to receive their new shirts and gear needed for their teams with all new Creative Church branding (including Creative Kids, Guest services, parking, etc)

How do we get new Creative Church clothing, gear or swag?

  • If you volunteer on a team that requires wearing church shirts, the next time you serve, your leaders will have brand new "Creative Church" branded material for you to wear.
  • Also, a whole new line of gear will be available occasionally at our Creative People Store in our church lobbies with a brand new line of "Creative Church" shirts, mugs, car decals, bracelets, hats, hoodies, jackets and much more. Stop by and pick up some new gear to represent your church!

What are the new social media pages for the church?

  • Our Facebook, Instagram and Youtube channel names will be automatically updated, and if you currently are subscribed and follow, you will not need to do anything, you will automatically follow along with the new pages.
  • Passion Church social media will change to Creative Church.
  • PassionKidz social media will change to Creative Kids.
  • Everything for "Young & Creative Youth ministry" will stay the same on all social media sites.

Are the email contacts for staff and leaders changing?

  • Our staff and leadership email addresses will all be updating to and Both of those will be able to reach the exact same email.
  • Don't worry if you accidentally use the old email addresses, for the next several months, those will automatically forward to the new email addresses so it gives you time to get used to the new email addresses.

Are all campuses changing the name?

Yes, both our Maple Grove Campus and our Fridley Campus will update their names to Creative Church. We will continue the vision of being one church with multiple locations.

How are the physical addresses being affected for GPS and Google purposes?

  • All of our physical campus and office addresses will be updated on google and GPS services and renamed at Creative Church.
  • All search engines, including Yelp, will all automatically update our accounts to become Creative Church

How can we all help spread the word about the new name change?

  • Feel free to search for Creative Church on google, facebook or yelp and give some great reviews about how much you love the church. That will help the online presence start to spread.
  • Get your new car decal, bracelets and gear the Creative.People store in the lobby and replace your old "Passion" items.
  • Share our social media, tag us in things you post, and subscribe to our youtube channel to keep your social media work in the know

If you have any other questions, or if see any ideas of how our name change can become even more clear and effective, simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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