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Keeping The Vision Clear

Showing God's love in creative ways so that people have the courage to own their story.


1. Unprecedented Grace & Truth

Grace helps you belong, but Truth sets you free. The church is a hospital and not a courtroom, so we demonstrate love to each other by helping pick each other up when we fall, to restore each other. We also stand on sharing the Bible as our definition of truth and how to live our lives.

2. Irrational Generosity

We live to give, practicing biblical generosity with our time, talent and treasures.

3. Right Now Excellence

Everything about you says something about you, so we value the details and high standards of how we present Christ to this world.

4. Strength In Diversity

When we include what everyone brings to the table, our potential grows exponentially. This is what Heaven looks like!

5. Big Faith & Creativity

Miracles are normal for God so we dare to dream big and bold, bringing creative and innovative ideas to the forefront of how we do life, and church.

6. Known, Loved, Wanted, Needed

As a church, we are not just friendly; we know how to be a friend. As members connect, they become known, and then they realize they are loved. As they realize they are truly known, and truly loved, they realize that they are a truly wanted community. That feeling awakens purpose, and they see how their gifts are needed to build the church.

7. Culture of Honor

We honor not just our earthly fathers and mothers, but all those in leadership over our lives. We honor their position, and their sacrifice so that it goes well for us.